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My Healthy Digital Health Navigator Training

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  1. Getting Started: The Pre-Quiz
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  2. Introduction to Telehealth:
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  3. Digital Navigation and Health Literacy:
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  4. My Healthy Digital Navigators:
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  5. Basic Observation and Communication Skills
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This is a quick checklist to consider for an ideal visit.

  1. High-speed internet connection or great cellular telephone connection and data services
  2. Webcam or video conferencing camera
  3. Microphone
  4. Speakers or headphones
  5. Computer or tablet with a webcam and microphone built-in or external devices can be connected to
  6. Secure video conferencing software or platform (e.g. Zoom, Skype, Google Meet)
  7. Reliable power source for device
  8. A private room for the appointment
  9. A place to keep the device stable during the call
  10. Familiarity with the video conferencing software or platform being used
  11. A way to ensure that the patient’s personal information will be kept private during the call
  12. A way to ensure that the patient’s medical information will be kept private during and after the call
  13. Good lighting
  14. Quiet setting

Situational Awareness

This is so important that we are listing more things for your to be aware of during your technical visit.

Be aware of the non-technical aspects of the clients life. Here are some things to think about:

  1. Is the person safe?
  2. Who are the care givers?
  3. Is there any sign of emotional or physical abuse?
  4. How does the client get food? Who prepares it?
  5. Is the structure itself safe. Are there signs of peeling paint?
  6. Are there missing or damaged window screens?
  7. Are there dangerous overuse of space heaters or too many things plugged into extension cords?
  8. Do they run wires under a rug?
  9. Are there railing on the stair?
  10. Are there appropriate adaptive devices in the shower, or for walking and dressing if needed?


This may be your clients social highlight of the day or week, where it is just another client visit for you. Keep that in mind and be kind and make his or her day.