Protecting the gift starts with you!

My Healthy ME Basics Academy provides a membership with access to resources and tools for you to increase your own health knowledge and better own your health now.  These tools and resources includes:

  • 100+ LEARN It! Challenges to sharpen your BASICS to become a healthier you!
  • Force for HealthGO App to count steps and play our augmented reality games
  • My Healthy ME Tools & Trackers, such as Weight Trackers, Earn It Systems and on-Line Journal for notes and reflections
  • Member Profile and Showcase, where you can earn badges and coins for a chance to win prizes and recognition
  • Ability to join any BASIC level community group  

My Member BASICS - Learn It Challenges & Badges

My HEALTH BASICS - Learn It Challenges & Badges

My VIVA Body BASICS - Learn It! Challenges & Badges

Specialty Health BASICS

My Healthy Citizen BASICS

Learn and Earn Challenges

COVID Force - Learn It! Challenges & Badges

Group Leader BASICS

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