The Force for Health® Launches
 Strategic Initiative
to Advance the Dream
Focused on Minority Health Disparities and Action

The Force for Health® Network has spent the past year working with select Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Chapters across the Southwest and western region, for a new, custom-built, national health, civics and STEAM-based program call Advance the Dream, and are now opening it up for everybody.

Our objectives include:

  • Help sustain the DREAM, legacy and impacts that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. made in this world
  • Promote happier and healthier citizenship for communities that care
  • Build fellowship and leadership skills while creating community impacts on issues important to its mission
  • Involve participants in creating digital media and content to better prepare for an information technology based workforce
  • Impact minority health disparities and outcomes within a single generation
  • Increase pathways for participants into community health worker pipeline opportunities
  • Promote intergenerational mentorship opportunities 
  • Promote fun and healthy competition by gamifying and rewarding healthy citizenship engagement outcomes
  • Create new, sustainable, and “easy to execute”  campaigns that will generate new revenue streams 
Main Contact: Josh Williams, National Project Director
Programs Offered: 12 week programs – Feb 4 – April 30, 2023 (no session on Easter Weekend, April 8)
**Cost: $99/Season
*Includes 12 month 360° Ambassador Membership at the Force for Health® Network, Advance the Dream T-shirt, and registration into the Virtual Selma March Challenge.
**100% net proceeds will benefit You Do Matter, and the various hosting LEAGUE partners.
Sign up here to join our live multigenerational sessions and let’s Advance the Dream Together!

We all can be the FORCE for CHANGE...

but it starts with owning your own health now,
then working with others to challenge the inequities
that are affecting health outcomes for ALL Americans

Snapshot of Current Health Disparities

Recently, there has been uptick of younger (35 – 49 yrs) African Americans getting sick from diseases that are more prevalent in older age group (50-64 yrs), which is worth concern and call to action now.  Yes, individual decisions play a large role, but so do the Social Determinants of Health, so it will take a highly coordinated and collaborative approach to educate our citizens and civic leaders to this alarming trend to start reversing this rate back down as quickly as possible.

Did you know?

African Americans are at highest risk for the top 5 health conditions that cause sickness and even death, starting with babies…

As babies – Infant mortality rates are 2.5 times higher than all other races, regardless of income (

Stroke – Risk of having a first stroke is nearly twice as high for African Americans as for white Caucasians, and African Americans have the highest rate of death due to stroke (source:

Diabetes – African American have the second highest diabetes rates, behind Native Americans and Pacific Islanders

Heart Disease – More than twice as likely to die from heart disease than other whites and hispanics

Cancer – African Americans are have highest incident rates of lung and prostate cancer, along with the highest death rates, adding breast cancer death rates, as wellcauses

#MyForceforHealthHero is Dr. Tymwa Dixon

Dr. Tymwa Dixon, MD is a Family Medicine Specialist in Shreveport, LA and has over 23 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from LA STATE UNIV SCH OF MED IN SHREVEPORT medical school in 1997. He is affiliated with medical facilities Willis-Knighton Medical Center and WK Bossier Health Center.

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Project Partners

Project Leaders

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Take the first step to Advance the DREAM

Increase our Knowledge about African American History & the Social Determinants of Health

This video series challenge features student produced videos, working alongside national mentors and thought leaders.

Force for Health® Intern Projects to Demonstrate Why This May Be the Case

The goals of the program will be:

  1. Challenge participants to be proactive about their own health now, with access to free resources and health tracking tools
  2. Connect interested participants with community learning and impact engagement projects designed to build leadership and management skills, and add to their resume or portfolio of deliverables
  3. Incentivize engagement by gamifying activities into a Healthy LEAGUE Challenge, with an opportunity for prizes and recognition within the Force for Health® Network
  4. Increase access and exposure to multiple health and science-based population health and impact based professional pipeline development
  5. Create measurable impacts and health outcomes collaboratively
  6. Develop a new, sustainable revenue stream that is easy and fun to execute 
  7. Help build a replicable and scalable model that can grow into a National Program, then shared with other Divine Nine members who want to follow

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