Personalized Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

How does your Behavioral Risk Age Compare with your Biological Age?

Are your decisions making your older or less healthy than you should be?

Introducing the Force for Health® HRA, the award winning personal assessment of your health with targeted areas of lifestyle suggestions to make you live a longer, healthier life.

What is your Risk Age?

Your risk age will show you the difference between your actual age and the age according to your health.

You will also receive your target age, your risk age if you are doing everything correctly. You will then get what improvements you can make to your lifestyle to decrease your risk age to your target age.

Receive a Personalized Action Plan

You will receive a list of tangible goals to improve your health.  This goes just beyond your health, it will tell you how being healthy can lead to a happier life.

Take the first step in your journey to a healthier life. Understand the risks to your health. Find the things you can change to enjoy a healthier and longer life.

Personalized Report Sample Pages

Over half the deaths before age 65 can now be attributed to decisions you are making.

Disparities in resources, access, and knowledge are factors that are especially important in high risk populations.

It is crucial that we change what we can control and help ourselves and also help others.

NO!  We encourage everybody to get their own HRA, but then you should be the force for health and help someone else to do the same.  Your parents, your spouse, your colleagues and/or friends can all benefit from the personalized HRA Report.

Consider inviting someone to take this Healthier Life HRA also right now. Send them this message.

I am taking the first steps to a healthier life with the Healthier Life HRA from the Force for Health. May I challenge you to also do this and learn how you can live a longer, healthier life. I am asking because I care about you. Here is the link to sign up and take the test. Use this code for a discount.

The Health Risk Assessment is included with the 360° Human Ambassador’s Club.

If you are not a member, then the cost is only $4.99.

You will receive an assessment, which you will complete and then immediately receive a customized action plan with details on which lifestyle changes are most important for you!!

In addition, you will have the opportunity to retake the assessment in 90 days and find out how much improvement you’ve made.

The Force for Health® Network is creating world class content and self help tools by working with experts from around the world.

For the HRA, we chose to partner with the team that has the best one based on the science and data behind it, and the team that developed it. It was made and modified for us by Global Health Metrics, which is a team of medical doctors, biostatisticians, and developers that have come together to create the most scientifically rigorous health risk assessment on the market.

Continuing work undertaken by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the 1970’s and the Carter Center of Emory University in 1986 our mission is to make available to patients, health providers, health organizations, state and local governments, service groups, business and industry the best in the science and technology of health risk assessments.

This algorithms used in this assessment were developed, then commercialized by a team at Case Western University, lead by Adam Persynski, PhD

Our software introduces the concept of the “risk age” and “target age”, giving your patients a goal of what they can do to improve their health and how they can get there using statistics of mortality risks for people in their age group with their health choices.

We offer our software as a tool for our Force for Health members to start a journey of Learn it, Live, and Share it. This journey starts with learning about their own issues and creating a learning and action plan to address the challenges.

This is delivered as a cloud service to our members, which allows us to automatically update our algorithms with the latest data from the CDC and other organizations. For select clients, we can make custom private label versions, can embed into your web page or do an API into your portal or EMR.

Yes!  Executive leaders love to low cost ability to get a deidentified snapshot of their employees and organization as an additional tool to manage overall healthcare costs, both with and without insurance. Check out this sample group report below:

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