My Family Health...

Managing the wellness needs for yourself can be challenging, let alone the whole family…and especially now, in a post COVID world. 

How prepared are you?  We can help!

The most precious gift. 

Protect the Gift

Be a Force for Health...Join the Force for Health

Welcome the Force for Health® Family Community.

Let’s face it…protecting and managing your family’s health and wellness can be overwhelming,  but we’re here to help.

We believe that teens and seniors are our biggest untapped assets.

Empowering teens and seniors to MOVE, LEARN, SERVE & EARN can produce better health & wealth outcomes for themselves, their families and their communities.

We also believe that parents and caregivers need help...

It’s not an easy task to be the CEO, Health Director and CFO of any family,
much less an extended one that might include the care of both generations…before and after your own.

Helping families to better protect their health is what we do.

Easy to use tools, resources, personal and private family groups and communities that can offer support and guidance for the entire family.

How can we Help you Protect your Gift of Health?

My Healthy BASICS

My Healthy BASICS starts with you

Whether you are the parent, child, senior or caregiver, you must start protecting your own health's up to you to stay well, do good and be kind. You can do it. Start today
Join My Healthy ME Basics for Free

My Healthy Teens

Empowering Teens

Increase health knowledge, join a Specialty Health Club and prepare for the future while earning F4HCoins, badges & rewards for yourself, your family, and your community
Learn 5 Ways to Use the Force for Health

My Healthy Seniors


Whether you are a senior or caring for one, the SeniorForce Channel and community is a great place to start! Fall prevention, social connections, and daily activities are a few key tips to know.
Visit Senior FORCE

My Healthy Family TEAMS

Play Reality Health Games!

Hosting a Fit FamilyFORCE Team can be a great way to MOVE, LEARN, SERVE and EARN your way towards prizes and giveaways, while being well and doing good at the same time!
Visit our Global Reality Health Games

What to Expect from the Force for Health Community


Feel connected to peers and mentors despite physical distance status


Be motivated & rewarded to MOVE, LEARN, SERVE and EARN points for actions


Improve mental health with sense of purpose, kindness, peer support & pathway opportunities

Understanding the 4 Pillars of the Force for Health & the Reality Health Games


Download our Force for Health GO App and start counting your steps

Explore your community with our virtual scavenger hunt game-like game & earn points towards prizes and giveaways with each step you take and each forcefield you find & activate

Each step you take counts towards your community and state totals…and feel better while doing so!


Learn about digital health and use multimedia tools for future job

Instantly ncrease health literacy and the social determinants of health to be more compassionate population health issues that affect different people differently

Gain exposure to different careers and pathways to professional


Have the pandemic become the contextual learning opportunity of a lifetime and be involved with an important project that is part of the solutions saving lives

Advance their study skills, 21st Century skills and STEM knowledge in family and/ or community projects they design and execute.

Assist in supporting other efforts to improve the lives of others locally all over the world


Earn a Letter of Recommendation for college or job from the medical director

Earning opportunity for real world incentives for the family or scholarship

Engage each family member with their own FFH membership and become a team working on similar goals and projects together and compete with or support other families worldwide.

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