What’s the Force for Health?

Welcome to the Force for Health®

Welcome to the Force for Health®...
It all starts with you!

Through a community centered approach that identifies all of the socioecological factors that affect health, the Force for Health® Program encourages individuals to live healthier lives, while helping friends, family, and community members to do the same. Utilizing service learning and community engagement to promote health education and health advocacy, we aim to foster better health outcomes through meaningful service to the community.

Learn it, Live it, and Share it

It's hard to help others when you are not healthy or safe.  In order to be a Force for Health for others, individuals must become a Force for Health for themselves first.  We encourage becoming a Force for Health for yourself first by using our “Learn it, Live it, Share it” philosophy.

The Membership Experience

Being a Force for Health member means you will take responsibility to make good decisions for yourself, and eventually, help others to do the same. As a member, you can acquire the knowledge, skills, and resources to make healthy decisions. Once you've learned about becoming a Force for Health for yourself as a member, you are eligible to become an ambassador to increase your health literacy and give back to your community. Finally, if you are interested in becoming more involved with the Force for Health, you can become a leader and have the opportunity to become certified as a community health worker, mentor, or intern.


For those that wish, they can engage in a new way with gamification of advancing ones health, learning, and community service.  The LEAGUES competitions will become a "Reality Health" , not fantasy sports league.  Friendly regional competitions will support improved engagement, self esteem and real world rewards for participants and fund raising for the community. 

Program Goals

  • To make it fun to make the healthy decisions and to make your community a place where that can happen
  • To promote health equity and cultural diversity by enabling individuals to gain a greater understanding of the social determinants of health and their impacts;
  • To empower individuals to make an investment in their health by giving them resources to become more health literate;
  • To provide leadership and professional development opportunities through service based learning projects;
  • To enable individuals to work with community agencies and become more involved in the community;
  • To facilitate a pipeline to professional experience in which individuals are exposed to the opportunities in the health professions
  • We are all collaborators sharing content and technology of value that we may create to be able to used by others without having to recreate it.

The Force for Health® Academy

The Force for Health® Community Network

The Force for Health® TEAMS @MyHealthy Citizen

The Force for Health® GO Fundraising

The Force for Health® Health Risk Assessment & Virtual Gym - (beta)

The Force for Health® Virtual Gym - (beta)

Force for Health® Pipeline to Professionals

Force for Health® Outcome Goal: Creating Health Promoting Citizens of the World

Be a Force for Health TODAY!

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