Healthy Schools
Schools are a Force for Health

Schools are producing our future workforce, so we must all work together to make sure your local schools are funded and focused on high quality, healthy k-12 outcomes.

Our modular school kits include innovative and state of the art mixed-media resources and learning experiences designed to support the CDC’s model for Whole School, Whole Child, Whole Community objectives and initiatives.

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  • This is an enrichment program for in school or after school, supported by tech tools, content, engagement, and rewards. 
  • Create a culture of wellness for students, parents and staff
  • Have a school community with a Learn it, Live it, and Share it approach to help the person and the community.
  • Advance a culture of caring and kindness, project based learning, teamwork and leadership, 21st century job skills, and service learning with projects that can be tied into STEM, academics, ESL or other goals
  • Can include K-16, (in school and after school), University, and home school users

The Force for Health® Network is a student powered, mixed media, gamification platform specifically designed to motivate individuals and leaders to MOVE, LEARN, SERVE & EARN their way towards points and giveaways for themselves, their families and their communities.

In addition to our standard health, wellness, civics, and STEM, we are focused right now on the main goal of creating a COVID CONFIDENT SCHOOL COMMUNITY with this grant.

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The Force for Health® is designed to provide resources, tools, support and incentives to anybody looking to increase health literacy rates for themselves and others.

Individuals can use our free resources, or upgrade, for less than a $1/week, to gain unlimited access to state of the art tools and resources that will help them be more aware of the health factors that impact themselves and their communities.

School leaders, PE Teachers, Health Instructors, and even Workforce Development Directors,  who are looking to support better health education, pathways outcomes for their staff, students and families, can join the network and start utilizing the tools in a way that meets their needs. 

This ranges from simply providing access to high quality, physician approved, health-science based resources to full curriculum implementation to competitive esports options that would deliver student produced media and campaigns that can serve their own communities, while learning valuable skills along the way.

Community Health Leaders and consortium leaders can join the network and use our virtual boardroom, shared libraries and gamified group management tools to make collaboration, engagement and accountability easier than ever before.

This is an enrichment program that builds a community of wellbeing in the youth space with content for STEAM, health, and community service learning teamwork opportunities.

It can be used as standalone challenges or alongside current curriculum to enhance resources and collaboration in a secure, private network that tracks move, learn, serve and earn engagement points for all participants.

It is appropriate for k-16 with the real strength being peer mentoring from older youth.

All media is available online and offline using augmented reality, games, lessons, apps, and print content that is all adding to the points earned in an incentives and rewards section.

The Force for Health® Network FREE BASICS Academy Features

Upgrade to Force for Health® Ambassador Tools for < $1/week/user

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School Activation Starter Packs

Are you interested in activating your entire school or district into the Force for Health® School Zone?
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The Force for Health® Network can provide many benefits and value to your entire school ecosystem


  • Position your school as engaged in educating the youth about local issues and empowering them to make a difference
  • Improve your relationships with the Board
  • Create friendly competitions
  • Use this as a wellness program for staff, parents and teacher. 
  • Create revenue to supplement the budget
  • Save money with virtual PE

School Board

  • Opportunity to further involve the school and community
  • Labor work Force to help with community needs provided by your students with service learning
  • Status to your school district
  • Opportunity for community organizations to be more organized with the Chamber of Health portal to support staff and students. 


  • Create culture of care and kindness in the school setting
  • Activate your campus to make it a fun and unique learning site
  • Involve your students in real world problem solving, career development, and service learning, while improving their STEM scores


  • Kindness culture at your school with awareness for a variety of challenges fellow students face
  • Support SEL Pathways programs to support career exploration and advancement

PE Coach & Teachers

  • High quality multimedia tools
  • Apps for fun challenges 
  • Opportunity to offer virtual PE and also to do after hours coaching

Health Educators

  • Tremendous health literacy content tools
  • Real world opportunities to use what they learn for others
  • Pathway to community health worker and other certifications

Club Advisors & Fundraising

  • Engagement with enrichment materials and program for a theme based amplifier of your mission
  • Project based, team community service activities
  • Compete in the Games and win scholarships


  • Advance self learning in health, financial and civics literacy while earning points towards winning real world rewards and scholarships.
  • Feel good helping others in real world settings, starting with being empowered to help friends, family and neighbors
  • Opportunity to intern and publish content alongside world experts to share with others around the world

STEM Leaders

  • Engage in real science with real health and science experts on current urgent problems. 
  • Advance your communication and calculation skills 
  • Work in a team to design a solution to a real world problem and win points for everything you do 

Arts & Media Directors

  • Photo, Video, Print, and augmented reality creation and publishing of materials that will get peer reviewed and potentially used worldwide
  • Use your music, dance, and performance skills to help others in the Network
  • Create and distribute real world content for the Force for Health® Network

Healthy Civic Engagement

  • Gain a better understanding of disparities, slavery, and how you can “Advance the Dream” for everyone
  • Learn about social determinants and how they affect access and equity
  • Learn about policy and work to influence real changes

Technology Leaders

  • Work with AR, VR, gaming, biometrics tracking, and telehealth solutions to help others
  • Create new solutions to problems you are exposed to in challenges
  • Become the Tech Force person to help mentor others including seniors. 

Community Outreach

  • Provide a space for active, fun, support and play from all levels of the community
  • Share student and team produced content with real world campaigns and challenges
  • Help support our student leaders to engage and lead important community health related presentations and events
  • Grow community support through competitive challenges to support your missions

Parents & Family

  • Provide an opportunity to engage in healthful activities
  • Engage the parents and those in charge of the Parent Teacher Organizations to support health and fundraising through our easy, fundraising challenges
  • Educate parents about health and access points
  • Provide a, optional “safe, healthy, collaborative health club for your school community

COVID Response Team

  • Challenge your COVID Basics resources and earn points for your school
  • Engage a TEAM with a COVID Force IDEAS Project and compete in the LEAGUES
  • Support free and low cost resources that can ensure that your community is a community of immunity
  • Use your COVID Funds towards health literacy acceleration efforts and MOVE, LEARN, SERVE and EARN along the way

Are you interested in activating your school or district into the Force for Health® School Zone?

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