Employer’s Healthy Workplace
Businesses are a Force for Health

Employers are challenged with increasing health care cost, quality staff recruiting and retention, and social responsibility

Joining our Chamber of Health™ Systems provides a way to help support your healthy workforce efforts, their families and connect with community through mentoring and educational support.

My Healthy BASICS

Your Health Begins with You!

Whether you are the employer or employee, it is critical that you protect your own health first because without good health, you will be challenged to provide for your family and organization effectively.
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My Healthy Workforce

Protect your TEAM - Invest in their Wellness

The health of your workforce, your TEAM, has a direct impact on the quality of your output, so you really must protect it...but at what costs? Healthcare costs are skyrocketing, self pay can be scary, and it's hard to attract and retain a quality team...sound familiar? We can help!
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My Healthy Workforce Families

Protect your TEAM Families -Invest in their Wellness

Let's face it...your employee's families will always come first...as they should, so it makes sense to extend your wellness programs to them, as well. Healthier families leads to healthier workforce, which will improve your outputs and bottomline.
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My Healthy Communities

Business are a FORCE for HEALTH in their communities

Most corporate citizens feel an obligation to give back, but are often overwhelmed or too busy to get around to it. We can help you GIVEBACK with our Reality Health GAMES tools that are easy, fun and impactful for those who need it most. Register your TEAM; Adopt a TEAM; Sponsor a GIVE It! Campaign
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WORK :The job site is where adults spend 1/3 or more of their life.  Their employer and peers can be great supporters of health maintenance and advancement.
  • Employee benefit program for grateful staff seeking resources to advance their own knowledge, skills and resources to take action for themselves
  • Education programs, Incentives and competitions can be easily and locally organized using the tools provided
  • Coordinate the messaging and program across the entire community as part of the solution
  • Reduce absenteeism, injury, and illness impact to the companies bottom-line
  • Enhance the company’s reputation in the community as it supports others efforts or reaches out with its own service IDEAS to address and improve issues affecting the neighborhood or customer base.

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Force for Health Organization?

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