The  Force for Health Virtual Gym

If you are ready to take your Force for Health® efforts to the next level, then become an Ambassador Member, which includes one year access to our Force for Health® Virtual Gym and Nutrition app!

Full access to wellness, nutrition & challenges

Track steps, goals and fitness without an external device

Access to over 4,000 animated exercises to help guide activities

Access to over 4,000 food items with ability to add and customize

Build a network of community and support

Compete in challenges and earn achievements


Create workout plans and play exercises with video instructions.


Create a personalised nutrition plan and get faster results.


Schedule your sessions and never forget a workout again.

Progress Tracking

Track your progress.

Get a clear picture of the results of your hard work!

Mobile App

Schedule workouts with your Calendar, play them on your phone and track your progress in-app.


Create a profile, join challenges, or engage others in discussion groups.


The Force for Health® Virtual Gym Memberships include 




  • Academy BASICS 
  • 1 year access to the Virtual Gym
  • 1 Health Risk Assessment 
  • 20% discount 

Are you a group, school or organization looking for special pricing? Please reach out and let's discuss!

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