Non Profit Organizations Are a MAJOR Force for Health®

We are good people creating solutions to help great organizations advance their causes.

Special invation for Non-Profit Leaders from Dr. Rob....

  • Are you a non-profit leader looking for ways to amplify your message with technology and partners?
  • Are you looking for new and innovative ways to raise funds with limited staff and resources?
  • Are you looking for ways to better engage your board and support, or even grow your sponsor and donor base? 

Nonprofits need to advance their core mission and sustain their economic viability.  The Force for Health Network is designed to amplify your current efforts as its core benefit. 

We are not here to compete but to help you complete your mission.  That is done with the platform tools for education, engagement, social  marketing,  gamification, fund raising, collaboration, communication, and celebration tools.   

It also provides a great health and healthy community ready to go content and programs that can align with your efforts if appropriate.   

An NGO can be the anchor partner to help get the FFH into a community, and in this role, they can share significantly in any revenue generated. 

Are you Ready to Activate your Non-Profit into the Force for Health Network

Top Reasons Why Non Profit Leaders Activate into the Force for Health® Network

National Leadership

  • Chamber of Health Portal function provides groups and subgroups for your organization for regional and/or topic discussions
  • Consistent health, diversity, and civic engagement messaging and material
  • Wellness program for your staff and members

Local Executive Director

  • Virtual Conference Center function for your staff and constituents
  • Increase employee and member benefits with Force for Health Network core content and virtual health accountability club
  • Leverage your current programs
  • Tools for all your staff

Events & Meeting Director

  • Virtual Conference Center function for your staff and constituents
  • Employee and member benefit with Force for Health Network core content
  • Leverage your current programs
  • Tools for all you staff


  • Augment your community with engaging apps and content
  • Provide hundreds of sponsorship opportunities in all price ranges and in all media types from Augmented reality to online to events to print
  • Leverage Force for Health Network and its tools to enhance your message

Member Benefits

  • Personal health advancement add-on
  • Academic, STEAM, health, learning and playing opportunities
  • You Learn-You Earn with the Move Learn Serve Earn “Reality Health Games” attached to your organization and including your program content.

Program Director

  • Chamber of Health Portal ties community together across all siloes
  • Technology tools such is instantly turning on augmented reality or online courses or games with incentives tied to your content
  • TurnKey STEAM,  health, COVID, and citizenship health programs in place ready to use immediately for free

Development Director

  • Leadership role in bringing Force for Health Network to the region allows shared revenue with FFH
  • Healthy automated fund raising tools to easily deploy
  • Very high quality heirloom or legacy project donor opportunities
  • Sponsorship of specific content areas, events, or roles across all media is available


  • Specify precise use of your money for a role or a subject area and measure the views, engagement, use, and outcomes
  • Events with VIP’s….very important purpose and VIP sports, music, civic, science or other leader engagement
  • High profile areas with world class content available for local, regional, and even international, multilingual messaging

Grant Writers

  • Choose from a library of health impact challenges to address fundable projects
  • Platform engagement can produce impact data to help report impact and secure additional funding
  • Increase network and opportunities to tell your story and seek funding from various sources
  • Expand your offering to be eligible for more 





Are you Ready to Activate your Non-Profit into the Force for Health Network

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