#MyForceforHealthHero is (Dr. Robert Gillio)

#MyForceforHealthHero is Dr. Robert Gillio. I have chosen Dr. Robert for a number of reasons. But I’ll give an brief overview of Dr. Gillio.

Dr. Robert Gillio is a Pulmonologist who practices in Huntington,Pennsylvania.  He received a degree in Pulmonology from the Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education and has practiced pulmonology for over 20 years and has done some incredible things throughout his career. One such thing is being the founder of an organization called The Force For Health, which was founded on the basis of encouraging individuals to live better and healthier life styles.

But one major reason I’ve chosen Dr. Gillio is for his sheer dedication and enthusiasm to interact with individuals to help them live healthier lives.

For instance, throughout the program Dr. Robert was very hands on with students, answering questions and providing valuable information throughout the entirety of the program.  You could tell he was doing his best for all of us.

Secondly, while being hands on with students, he made the program very fun and enjoyable. Throughout the course of the program Dr. Gillio would throw some humor out here and there. When he would do this it would brighten up the session and a sense of wittiness would emerge. Making students including my self more in tune and involved.

Overall , as a medical professional and instructor, Dr. Robert has done an outstanding job with his desire and his heart to help and educate people on living healthier lives. T

Bringing humor into a learning environment results in learning that is much more fun.   Due to unfortunate circumstances, he wasn’t able to be in every session, but he did his best to be apart of every session that he could.

This why I’ve chosen Dr. Robert Gillio as #MyForceforHealthHero

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