#MyForceforHealthHero is Dr. Tymwa Dixon

My name is Lance Moham and I attended the 2020 Virtual STEAM Camp with Mr Josh Williams and Dr. Robert Gillio, where we talked about the Force for Health and what a true health hero looks like.

I decided to choose my dad’s doctor Tymwa Dixon as my health hero.

He was checking in on my dad when we thought he had the Covid-19.

He then sent my dad to get tested and we found out that he didn’t have to do the nose test.   He did a mouth test, which, to me, is a blessing because my dad had a lot of the symptoms of Covid-19, that I learned about in the STEAM Camp,  and my dad doesn’t like things going up his nose.

His mouth is not as sensitive, so he was happy about this.

Dr. Tymwa really cared and was checking in on him,  asking how he’s filling and updating him on his information.  This meant a ton to me and my family and this is why I chose Dr. Tymwa Dixon as my #

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