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My Healthy Digital Health Navigator Training

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  1. Getting Started: The Pre-Quiz
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  3. Digital Navigation and Health Literacy:
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  5. Basic Observation and Communication Skills
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Be aware of the situation you are in. Always protect your safety and have an eye out for signs that there are problems or risks for your client as well.


Potential RisksPossible Remedies
Clutter or debris on the floorClear debris to prevent tripping hazards
Poor lightingIncrease lighting to improve visibility and reduce falls
Lack of handrails or grab bars in the bathroomInstall handrails or grab bars to assist with balance and stability
Unsecured rugs or floor matsSecure rugs or floor mats to prevent tripping hazards
Stairways or steps without railingsInstall railings to assist with balance and stability
Lack of smoke detectors or fire extinguishersInstall smoke detectors and fire extinguishers for safety
Excessive dust or moldClean and maintain the living space to improve air quality
Inadequate heating or coolingEnsure that the living space is at a comfortable temperature to prevent heat-related illnesses or hypothermia
Lack of accessibility features, such as ramps or elevatorsInstall accessibility features to assist individuals with mobility issues

Note: This list is not exhaustive and other hazards may exist. It’s also important to keep in mind that the person living in the house may have specific needs or concerns that should be addressed.