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My Healthy Digital Health Navigator Training

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  1. Getting Started: The Pre-Quiz
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  2. Introduction to Telehealth:
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  3. Digital Navigation and Health Literacy:
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  4. My Healthy Digital Navigators:
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  5. Basic Observation and Communication Skills
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  6. Using Digital Devices in Telehealth
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  7. Support of Telehealth Services:
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  8. Evaluation and Monitoring:
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Digital navigators should be prepared to troubleshoot technical problems that may arise when users are accessing telehealth services.

This could include issues with internet connectivity, equipment malfunction, or problems with the telehealth platform.

Digital navigators should have knowledge of the technical aspects of telehealth services, and be able to provide users with guidance on how to solve technical problems they may encounter.

A trick to troubleshooting is testing one thing at a time, and then add the next component and re-test.

“test. re-test and repeat” like the instructions on shampoo, “lather, rinse, and repeat”.