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My Healthy Digital Health Navigator Training

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  1. Getting Started: The Pre-Quiz
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  2. Introduction to Telehealth:
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  3. Digital Navigation and Health Literacy:
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  4. My Healthy Digital Navigators:
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  5. Basic Observation and Communication Skills
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  6. Using Digital Devices in Telehealth
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  7. Support of Telehealth Services:
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  8. Evaluation and Monitoring:
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LEARN It! Challenge 4, Topic 1
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Personalized Health Risk Assessments, a tool that compares behavioral health risks target ages

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Personalized Health Risk Assessments is a tool that compares behavioral health risks target ages.

It allows users to take a personalized health assessment that identifies potential health risks, and provides information on how to reduce those risks.

Digital Navigators can use this tool to help users understand their current health status and identify areas where they can make changes to improve their health.

They can also guide users on how to use the results to create personalized health plans and track their progress over time.