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My Healthy Digital Health Navigator Training

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  1. Getting Started: The Pre-Quiz
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  2. Introduction to Telehealth:
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  3. Digital Navigation and Health Literacy:
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  4. My Healthy Digital Navigators:
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  5. Basic Observation and Communication Skills
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  6. Using Digital Devices in Telehealth
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  7. Support of Telehealth Services:
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  8. Evaluation and Monitoring:
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Tracking key metrics, such as the number of people helped, and the satisfaction level of the users

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It is important to track key metrics in order to evaluate the performance of digital navigators and measure the success of the program. Metrics could include the number of people helped, the number of appointments scheduled, the satisfaction level of users, and the percentage of users who report improvements in their health. By tracking these metrics, digital navigators and program managers can identify areas where the program is working well and areas where improvements are needed.