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This is a summary of the total Healthy Coins you have earn so far.  Earn more coins my completing challenges an and earning badges worth these different kinds of coins, that you can redeem for rewards and prizes in the Reality Health Games.  

Click here to see all the badges you can Earn in your Earn It Tracker. 

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Here are your current Rankings by Category. How quickly can you achieve Level 5 Level in each category? Level 5 Members will be eligible for weekly prizes and earn an opportunity to spin the Reality Health Games Wheel for more chances to win!

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This “Live It! Weight Tracker Tool is part of your free HeathyME Basics Academy.

You will need to set your goals and preferences by clicking on the filter settings icon, then click on the plus button to enter in your first two weight values, which will generate the visual tracker, set your Micro and Macro Nutrient goals, and calculate your BMI.

For more advanced exercise, goal setting and nutritional tracker, upgrade to the 360° Ambassador Level with more advanced tools, like a Personalized Health Risk Assessment Report, access to our 360° Interactive Human library and unlimited access to ur Virtual Gym and Wellness Platforms and Challenges.   

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My Daily Live It! Tracker

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When you SHARE your feelings, thoughts, feedback and ideas with yourself, your connections or our general commuity,you are serving others.

Ready to write a blog?  

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360° Ambassador Member Tools

1 360° Virtual Wellness Club
2 Personalized HRA
3 360° Human Explorer
4 My Healthy IDEAS Challenge
360° Virtual Wellness Club

360° Virtual Wellness Club

Your 360° Ambassador membership includes an all-access pass to the Force for Health Virtual Gym to help you track your fitness points, activities, nutrition and overall wellness goals.

You should have received a separate Welcome Email from the Force for Health Virtual Wellness Club to activate your account. Use the same email and password that you used when signing up, as you activate your account.

Once you activate it, you can log into the web portal and download your app and sign in!

Go to Force for Health Virtual Wellness Club
360° Virtual Wellness Club
Personalized HRA

Get your Personalized Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Do you know your Target Risk Age versus your Biological Age?

Your 360° Ambassador membership includes a personalized Health Risk Assessment, so when you have about 5 minutes, please create an account, using your same login as you did when you signed up for Force for Health.  

Why is this important?  The results of this repot can help both you and your doctor identify things you can change to live a longer and healthier life.

Access My Personalized HRA Report
Get your Personalized Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
360° Human Explorer

Ready to Explore your 360° Human?

Your 360° Ambassador Membership includes full access to our 360° Human Explorer Library.

Which systems are most important to you?  Earn points by spending at least 1 minute on each interactive, 3D human models and play in the Reality Health Games, where you will be eligible for prizes, recognition and rewards.


How many system badges can you earn this season?

Explore 360° Human
Ready to Explore your 360° Human?
My Healthy IDEAS Challenge

My Healthy IDEAS Challenge

As you increase your knowledge towards becoming a Force for Health Ambassador, you will notice that population health really is a team sport, and that everybody plays their own role in some way, shape or form.

When you are ready to start the practice of healthier citizenship, then you are ready for My Healthy IDEAS and STEAM Team Challenge.

You will TEAM Up! with a small group to develop a community impact project that addresses a specific social driver of health that is important to the team. 

Let's TEAM Up! and Play
My Healthy IDEAS Challenge


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