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Amos grew up in the village of Buna in the current day Bududa district of Uganda, one of fourth children. Unlike most parents there, my father, who had a seventh grade education, knew how to read. He collected books and encouraged us children to listen to the radio and learn about the larger world. my father taught me and my siblings the value of an education.

Every morning Amos and his siblings awoke at 4 a.m. to work in the fields and then headed to school at 7 a.m. Sometimes the headteacher there turned them away publicly because they didn’t have money for their school fees, but my father kept telling us to go back. After finishing chores in the evening, the family usually read books around a kerosene candle.

Whenever one of us came first in their class, the whole family celebrates with gifts, such as bread from 30 miles away and a cooked chicken for dinner. These were major incentives, and I learned to hope and dream for more……….)

After I completed primary school, he went to a secondary boarding school 160 miles away, as my older sister had done. Carrying their suitcases on their heads, Amos and my siblings would walk this distance through treacherous forests that held wild animals and armed bandits every beginning of school term, and then back home at the end of the term because they had no money for transportation. But they were determined never to give up. Amos focused on his studies while my father sold land, produce, and sometimes even their own furniture to pay his sons’ school fees. Amos never wanted to disappoint his unselfish father.

After successfully finishing secondary school, I was admitted to a free, government-run university and earned an degree . After a few years of work in Uganda and further studies in Australia on sponsorship, I eventually found his way to America

Looking back, I feels like “a guiding hand led me through all the upheavals of my childhood.” I sought to help village children and poor communities follow in their footsteps and also to make those steps easier to take. A Harlon school aspires to be a guiding hand to scores of eager, young learners from community and beyond.




Why I am a Force for Health® Member...


I am humbled that FORCE FOR HEALTH is offering public health education campaign at such scale, and we as a Project we shall continue to do so – I will extend to those undeserved communities, who are willing to save others.”am joing to advance this golden campaign to all global communities to learn and understand about their health to save global population !

In advance am going to promote activities of force for health with other education leaders,political leaders, religious leaders.

schools Teachers to promote the growth of health learning ,Teaching for self-sustaining of vibrant communities.and health self sustaining of families

My inspiration

Am inspired by Dr myles munroes who inspred people globally about potential and power of helping those in need.Family is the source of leadership, helping families to thrive, is helping leanders of to day and tomorrow…….


Harlon schools, P.O BOX 109 MBALE UGANDA Email : [email protected] WhatAsp line +256700699352.

What would you like people to know about your community?


much as I know, Uganda is reaching a stage where only the rich can attain education even if the government started up the Universal primary and secondary education to cater for the poor children. Here am referring to good quality education not the staled education syllabuses in most of the government and cheap schools in Uganda.

  A poor Ugandan child barely goes to school, for the few that have the chance to go have faced several challenges that even forced some of them to drop out.

What a weary time it is for the poor children in Uganda, having the desire and need to go to school, but not the ability, we really need to pick them up and support their education, or else, in their later days, they are innocently going to face the consequences of illiteracy that they didn’t cause to themselves but rather we the reluctant public that didn’t take concern about their education.

I want people to know and may we can find durable solutions for my commmunities……

Advancing the DREAM

Advancing the DREAM - What it means to me

To me this means force forHealth is everlasting solution to Ugandans health problems, note that Uganda is considered as a ‘hot spot’ for emerging and re-emerging infectious disease epidemics. The country has experienced several epidemics including; Ebola, Marburg, plague, Rift Valley fever, yellow fever and Crimean Congo haemorrhagic fever.and other sicknessess, Epidemics overwhelm health systems, devastate economies and cause global health insecurity. These public health challenges arising from lack of health information, FORCEFORHEALTH has holistic approach referred to as force for health awareness. FORCEFORHEALTH is the collaborative effort of multiple health disciplines educators working locally, nationally, and globally, to attain optimal health for people,  and the environment.

Given its situation, Uganda has embraced the the  approach in order to be able to predict, prepare and respond to these public health challenges effectively, though still in infancy stages…………….

My Action Pledge to Advance the DREAM?

The Force  for health Program advance Dream

Am going to recruit school Teachers,Community medical Volunteers,to distribute printed information about forcesforhealth Reflects/materials This will encompasses a number of fields and medical professionals and students are sorely needed.

This Arrangement will  aims to promote rapid health awareness and to increase healthcare information for rural people and urban communities ,as main agenda for force for health this will help to decrease the prevalence of  diseases, like malaria,blood,diabetes,breast cancer,civic cancer,HIV AIDS and improve village health by providing public health information and promoting general health education and is ideally suited to individuals who come from a medical background after training by forceforhealth comprehensive inductions.

This Health project will be rewarding for volunteers who are interested in improving public health and supporting local communities and hospitals. and create positive change in deprived areas, as well as gaining hands-on work experience. as community health alliance approach

Volunteers in this field work in health campaign — public or community health centres and hospitals;schools and health camps, responsible to distribute information about FORCEFOR HEALTH education campaign, reflects since most of our people don’t have excess to computers,This will automatically raise awareness of force for health and sanitation in the community. Once your volunteer program begins, our members will stay in constant touch with you.