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Here are your current Rankings by Category. How quickly can you achieve Level 5 Level in each category? Level 5 Members will be eligible for weekly prizes and earn an opportunity to spin the Reality Health Games Wheel for more chances to win!

My Healthy ME BASICS Badge Tracker

1 New Member Badges
2 My Healthy ME Basics
3 My Healthy WE Basics
4 VIVA Video Challenge
5 Specialty Health Basics
New Member Badges

Earn these New Member Badges

100 LIVE-It!-coins
50 LIVE-It!-coins
  • Welcome and New Registration Badge
100 LEARN It! Coins
100 SHARE It! Coins
30 LIVE-It!-coins
100 SERVE It Coins
100 SHARE It! Coins
  • Start following someone 1 time
  • Get a follower 1 time
  • Send a friendship request 1 time
  • Accept a friendship request 1 time
  • Get a friendship request accepted 1 time
100 SERVE It Coins
My Healthy ME Basics

My Healthy ME Basics - How Many Can you Earn?

My Healthy WE Basics

My Healthy WE Basics - How Many Can you Earn?

Specialty Health Basics

Specialty Health Basic Badges - How Many Can you Earn?

360° Human Colon Cancer BASICS Badge

500 LEARN It! Coins

Narcotics in the Community

1200 LEARN It! Coins

Adulting 101


360°Ambassador Level Badges

1 360° Human Explorer
2 Specialty Health Ambassadors
360° Human Explorer

Ready to explore your 360° Human?

How many badges can you earn by visiting each model for at least a minute and be eligible for rewards and chances to win?

360 Human Female Systems Overview

190 Human Explorer Coins

360 Human Male Systems Overview

170 Human Explorer Coins

360° Human Procedures Badge

510 Human Explorer Coins

Blood, Heart, and Circulation

1280 Human Explorer Coins

Respiratory System

200 Human Explorer Coins

Mouth and Teeth

200 Human Explorer Coins

Brain and Nerves

880 Human Explorer Coins

Ear, Nose, and Throat

190 Human Explorer Coins

Eyes and Vision

430 Human Explorer Coins

Digestive System

1070 Human Explorer Coins

Kidney and Urinary System

290 Human Explorer Coins

Immune System

570 Human Explorer Coins

Skin, Hair, and Nails

960 Human Explorer Coins

Bones, Joints, and Muscles

910 Human Explorer Coins


500 Human Explorer Coins

Female Reproductive System

380 Human Explorer Coins

Male Reproductive System

130 Human Explorer Coins

360° Human Explorer CHAMP

1000 Human Explorer Coins
Specialty Health Ambassadors

Are you ready to advance your knowledge? These Ambassador Level challenges are just for you!


Are you ready to TEAM Up to STEAM Up and make a difference in your community?

When you are ready to take your Ambassador challenges to the next level, then it's time for Healthy IDEAS!

Do you know what Social determinants of health are?
Or what the UN 17 Sustainable goals are>. What do you care about and how can you make a difference in your community?

Earn these badges and compete with other do-gooders around the world.



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