OXY. FENTANYL, HEROIN on the street or from the prescription bottle…if purposeful or accidental use or overdose, affects us all. Let’s listen and learn what professionals are actually saying. These are real people and not actors in the sections that follow.

This is a one hour experience meeting a woman that was addicted to alcohol and then narcotics, who turned her life around and was working at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy
Program Evaluation and Research Unit (PERU) at the time this set of interviews was conducted on the campus of Juniata College with a team of Force for Health Interns before the COVID pandemic.

The learner will learn how narcotics affect the person, the family and the entire community.

Time for completion: 2 hours

Reflection activity: Please share your thoughts or reactions in the Take Notes box, and reflect on what you learned or how this content may be relevant in your life.

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