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The COVID Pandemic Example

We survived. We are still alive. Now let’s thrive.


LEARN IT: Now we can learn together about resiliency in surviving the threat of a lifetime to our communities.

We made it this far. The world is at various stages of outbreaks and new mutant outbreaks. Let’s keep u to date and keep learning about it and from it, especially as the data grows and the science and experiences give us street smarts, insights and wisdom. Use the panel to access the courses on COVID FORCE and learn more.


LIVE IT: Do your part and get the shot and practice healthy behaviors.

Some of us got very sick, some lost family and/or friends, Some worried all the time about their loved ones in the front lines in the early days with inadequate knowledge or protection. Some were those heroes. Take the time for self reflection about how this may have affected you and consider asking for help in coping with the physical, spiritual and mental stresses and distresses you may be feeling.

SHARE IT: The stress and distress feeling should be shared with family and professionals. Ask for help if needed.


For the first time in our lifetimes, everyone on Earth has had this common experiences. What an opportunity to expand your ability to have empathy and patience! It is also an opportunity to pay it forward and show gratitude to those that helped you or helped our community. Consider joining the COVID FORCE or related STEAM TEAMS, and start serving locally or internationally with your time, talent or fund raising.

Also consider sharing your gratitude with kind words, patience, or even gratitude gifts or programs. Check out the FFH Store to see more.

SHARE IT: These students teamed up and translated posters for those that couldn’t read English. What can you do to help the team and make COVID recovery a reality.


Earn certificates, badges, and points for what you know, and what you do. Its ok to reward yourself or your groups but it is also ok to earn things and share them with others. Consider competing in the LEAGUES as you work on these Resiliency activities. We are trying to create COVID CONFIDENT COMMUNITIES WITH IMMUNITY. Let’s have fun and celebrate and reward those that make it happen.