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Infrastructure consists of physical and organizational public works, structures, buildings, and other integral aspects of a society that are paramount to its survival.

Prepare the infrastructure of your community so that it is ready to counter any potential issue. This will require maintenance, inspection, and testing. This will all pay off when you are prepared to handle any issue. Consult community leaders and experts in many different fields to make sure that the infrastructure is prepared as well as possible.

Poor infrastructure can result in travesties that could possibly be prevented.

Examples include bridge collapses, train derailments, water contamination (such as Flint, Michigan), and dam failures.

On March 15th, 2018, the Florida University International pedestrian footbridge collapsed, leaving 6 dead and 9 people seriously injured. Much larger scale incidents have happened, but this is an example of how an error in infrastructure can be the source of an emergency. Infrastructure needs to be constantly monitored for potential errors, and poor infrastructure is a risk for any community.

Be a Force for Health, be a leader in your community, and push to improve infrastructure.