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My Strengths

dr-rob March 1, 2019
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How do strengths create resilience?

Our strengths are what we lean on in times of emergency. We use them to ensure we survive. To thrive, we must learn to use our strengths as best we can, but we must also improve our weaknesses when possible. By seeking constant improvement, we will become a better Force for Health.

What are my strengths?

Only you know the answer to that. The best thing to do is be honest with yourself, and be introspective. Think about what you do well, and understand your weaknesses. Everyone is great at something and bad something else. Understanding ourselves and being honest are important to becoming more resilient. If we understand ourselves, we will be in better control of our emotions, thoughts, attitudes, composure, and actions when we face adversity.

If you need help, ask someone who knows you well what your biggest strengths and weaknesses are and go from there.

Strengths Assessment:

You can answer these questions on a separate piece of paper:

1) What are my strongest attributes?

2) How can I use these strengths to overcome adversity?

3) How can I apply these strengths to become more resilient?

4) Do I rely on any strengths too much?

Weaknesses Assessment:

To know our strengths, we must also understand our weaknesses.

1) What are my biggest weaknesses?

2) How do my weaknesses hurt my resiliency?

3) Which of my weaknesses hinders me the most?

4) How can I improve my weaknesses?

Click the image to the right to begin improving weaknesses.