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Common Infectious Diseases of Africa Introduction

Know your threats and how to avoid them.

Understanding common threats is part of being a Force for Health. As you read about these, think of what simple things you can do to reduce these risks.

Dr. Robert Gillio, Chief Medical Officer of the Force for Health

Prevention Activities to Reduce the Spread of these Diseases

Basic Personal Germ Spreading Precautions are known as universal precautions. These include:

Cover your cough

Wash your hands

Avoid contaminated surfaces or materials

Drink only clean, boiled or filtered water

Community or Environmental Practices include getting rid of disease spreading animals or the situations that support them.

Reduce rodents and fleas with proper food storage and sanitation practices

Reduce mosquitos with reduction of standing water, use of mosquito nets

Number One Action:

Get Vaccinated for the diseases when possible.

The Goal of this next hour or two of study, is not to make you an expert, but to make your aware, so you can care about, and prepare to help prevent these infections. Advance your knowledge and take action to help prevent outbreaks in your region or to support others.

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