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Mission Topics During Semester One

MISSION ONE: Core Session Themes

We will discuss these issues via Zoom meetings or webinars with Dr. Rob Gillio, Andrew Bliss, and guest experts in these areas. Surviving an infectious disease outbreak

  • Examining the COVID outbreak and related issues and becoming experts in the basics of infection prevention, response, and recovery
  • Dealing with STEAM in health maintenance and success
  • Making decisions that increase risk of infection, trauma, and chronic disease
  • Thriving in confined spaces with a group of peers (quarantine’s relation to space travel)
  • Recognizing and addressing conflict and stress
  • Attaining mastery of relevant technology in communications, environmental management, and medical techniques
  • Doing good for friends and community by identifying and solving relevant problems
  • Attaining proficiency in scientific research and reporting techniques
  • Modeling high quality educational instruction and delivery