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Be Kind

Be Kind

Stress is everywhere right now.  Think about it, we are in a series of challenges that are affecting stress provoking situations:

  • Illness
  • Job disruption
  • School disruption
  • Lost wages
  • Confused world, national, and local politics
  • Diversity and disparity issues
  • Distance from loved ones and isolation from others that care about you such as teachers, coaches, or employer

Space flight requires a lot of support during flight.  Taking life’s journey now with all its issues, requires an awareness of what others are suffering or going through.  That’s called empathy.  Using that, look for ways to make life easier for others and less stressful for them.  Start now and look for ways to do intentional acts of kindness anytime you can.  Not only does it help others feel better, it helps you feel good about yourself. 


Sounds a lot like COVID and the year with quarantines, doesn’t it.