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COVID 19 Quarantine as a Simulated Mars Trip

Quarantine is Very Simlar to Space Travel

  • All these skills require problem basic problem-based learning skills, teamwork, and cooperation. Ironically, the quarantine, political issues, and racial disparity issues we are living through, are not so different than surviving the extreme challenges to the mission of humanity exploring another planet. We will use these this season to look at what we have experienced in this past year to learn to thrive on Earth so we can thrive on Mars.

  • We will look at the parallel challenges that will need to be dealt with and prepare to approach these and others with sessions with weekly experts, online challenges, blog and other media authorship, and fun competitions.


The key purpose of this lessons learned review of what happened on Earth and in your neighborhood and home, will be to keep you healthy here so if chosen, you will be ready to make it a safe space flight to there.