LEARN It! Challenge 7 of 9
In Progress

Lessons Learned: From Marstronaut Mission 1

Student-Published Content Based on Real World Experiences

One output goal will be a “Lessons Learned” collection book dealing with images, video, and essays that find successes looking at Earth problems with a Stay Well, Do Good, and Be Kind lens. 

It will be in the theme of “Lessons Learned: Successes Achieved” that was written by students and others about surviving Hurricane Katrina.  The essays will be based on real world experiences during this altered and isolated time and will use it to find the successes achieved during hardship


The opportunity to be published and receive a royalty should not be underestimated in this time of unemployment and in building credentials.  Of course, the most important rewards will be pausing long enough to focus on some of the good that has come out of these challenging times.