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Do Good

dr-rob January 14, 2021

Do Good

  • Why go to Mars anyway? It needs to serve purposes back on Earth or it will not be funded or supported. We will need to teach the experience to be able to perform good science, effective education, meaningful art, and find ways for this mission to help others. 
  • We will also need to teach high level technical skills to do a good job and manage all aspects of the trip and technical challenges. Marstronauts will need science, math, and technical literacy.

Let’s start now and build a resume of skills and accomplishments for all our future marstronauts

Do good also means to do good things for people you know and love and people you never met.  As a Marstronaut you will be representing all humans.  Before you can do that you need to start caring about the humans you never met or those for which life has not been as good as it has for you.