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Wealth and Financial Goals

Video Summary:

Across all disciplines and challenges, the use of goals that meet the S.M.A.R.T. criteria, are more likely to give you success. Some suggestions for ways to think about health and wealth follow.

Consider starting with an assessment of your assets, liabilities, and needs. A financial literacy course or meeting with a financial advisor may be very helpful.

S is for specific. For example, I will save $10 a week, until I reach my goal for tuition or the gift I wish to buy. If your company matches what you save, this is a gift so try to make it work.

M is for measurable. Use paper, bank documents, or apps to track your progress.

A is for achievable. If you try to save too much, you may become short of cash and quick all together.

R is for relevant. Have it be meaningful to your needs. Think about the motivation for what your are doing. Saving for your new car or helping a friend, can go a long way.

T is for timely. Form a habit and try to do a goal for a whole month if you can. Then reassess and modify or add goals.