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Spiritual Goal Setting

Video Summary:

Across all disciplines and challenges, the use of goals that meet the S.M.A.R.T. criteria, are more likely to give you success.

Self reflection and discussion with family and faith leaders may be useful to help you set realistic and meaningful goals.

Some suggestions for ways to think about spirituality are:

S is for specific. I will be kind and generous to someone each day or I will read a passage in the Bible or Koran each night before sleep.

M is for measurable. Find a way to know if you are a success. Consider journalling with your thoughts and track your measurable actions.

A is for achievable. Don’t overdo it. Advancing one’s faith or spirituality is a lifelong opportunity for advancement.

R is for relevant. Have it be meaningful to your needs. This is your very personal relationship with your thoughts and your creator. What about it do you wish to work on.

T is for timely. Set a deadline and evaluate your goals and revise and continue. It’s like they say on the shampoo bottle, “Rinse, wash, and repeat.”