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Safety Goals Goal Setting

Video Summary:

Across all disciplines and challenges, the use of goals that meet the S.M.A.R.T. criteria, are more likely to give you success.

Before you make a plan, assess your risks and support systems. The resilience course may help you do this and make a plan.

Some suggestions for ways to think about Safety are

S is for specific. Pick and name the activity you will do to reduce a risk. It may be packing a first aid kit or a go kit for rapid evacuation. It may be learning how to swim.

M is for measurable. Find a way to track your progress and know if you were successful.

A is for achievable. There are a lot of things to be prepare for regarding safety. Don’t be overwhelmed or scared. Pick one thing at a time. Think about how you would assess, improvise, and overcome a challenge.

R is for relevant. Have it be meaningful to your needs. Don’t work on hurricane preparedness if you live in Iowa.

T is for timely. Set a deadline to accomplish the steps in your plan to get it done. Then reassess and modify or add goals.