LEARN It! Challenge 9 of 10
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Making a Plan and Tracking Your Progress

Video Summary:


Start with the tasks and make a schedule of them and where and how you will do these. That’s called a plan.


Track what you do on the tracker. It can be a simple chart, a calendar, the NOTES section here, or in more advanced tools such as the Basics Tracker tools.

The really cool Ambassador Virtual Wellness Club tools let you get points, badges, participate in Leaderboard, and compete in the Reality Health Games.

Celebrate your successes, and then keep going with a harder goal. When more confident, team up and take a look at the I.D.E.A.S. projects where you team up and work on even bigger goals such as remediating one of the social determinants of health barriers in your neighborhood.


The health and wealth of your life and your world, are real health issues. The Reality Health Games is designed to reward you as you work on your S.M.A.R.T. goals individually and in communities as STEAM Teams around the world. It all starts, one simple achievable goal at a time.

Thank you for working on your issues and then finding ways to help others. You are a Force for Health. When you team up, you will be a Force Multiplier and be part of a team doing good locally and making a difference globally.