Juniata Force for Health® Intern Testimonials

Force for Health Intern Testimonials

profile-picMadison HearnForce for Health Internprofile-picMarylauren Davignonprofile-picOlivia Markerprofile-picKali Reedprofile-picMegan HemphillI am a licensed pharmacist.

Why am I a Force for Health?

I am a Force for Health in order to make basic health education courses more accessible to the community through the My Healthy Huntingdon platform, so that I can help others become a Force for Health for themselves.

So far I have learned how to guide students in their research process for an overall goal of incorporating the community within their targeted tasks.

I was looking for an internship related to the healthcare field and when I heard about Force for Health, I knew I wanted to be a part of of this team. Being that I am from Huntingdon, I loved the idea of providing the community with resources so that they in turn can take charge of their own health.

I have learned how to work with students to help them turn health-related research projects into IDEAS projects that can benefit the community.

Why I choose to be a Force for Health Ambassador

My degree has provided me with a strong foundation in both the life and physical sciences, therapeutics, and patient education and my experiences as a community pharmacist the past six years have also been very valuable. During my time as a pharmacist, however, I have realized my desire to focus more on the general health and wellness of communities and improving outcomes. I hope to use my health care background through a more creative outlet by creating interactive and engaging educational courses. These courses will provide individuals in the community with the important facts about medications, disease management, and lifestyle changes and will hopefully result in improved adherence, compliance, and health outcomes. I feel ensuring all citizens have internet access to educational courses and resources will improve healthy citizenship. As one member of the Healthy Huntingdon Project expressed, the knowledge citizens will gain through our courses and website will allow them to be a “force for health for themselves” in their everyday lives and perhaps reduce hospital visits and health care costs.

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