Are you a Population Health Leader in your Community?

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We are seeking 10 counties to be the first official Force for Health Partner Counties.

Dr. Robert Gillio

The Force for Health Program, Founder

You have the opportunity to use your leadership position to convene a meeting of other leaders across your community to create a Force for Health® movement to coordinate motivation, activation, and communication advancing health literacy, access, and quality of care, while addressing social determinants of health with a grassroots effort. 

Each Force for Health® Community Chapter is considered a Community Learning Project(CLE), supporting students & interns learning real world population health strategies, that include access to:

Community Chapter Website & App

Communications Hub & Virtual Marketing Help

Shared Calendars with Event Registration

Gamification with Point of Interest with F4HGO app

Let's Help Grow a Force for Health Chapter in Your Community

Using the CDC Socio-Ecologic Model of Support, the program has created software tools, content, apps, engagement campaigns, service learning, and incentives for use by the individual, the schools, faith, parks, workplace, healthcare and government agencies. 

Let us help you create a program with outcomes that make your county a place one wants to live and thrive.

For a trivial cost to seed the program, it self sustains and perpetuates a movement in your youth, through seniors and the organizations that serve them, as members advance their own health.

Are you Ready to Activate a Force for Health® Community Chapter and Join the Challenge?  Let's Talk!



the Force has become a movement making a difference

“Anyone can be a force for health for themselves, and then others. With minimal support from county leaders, your residents can help create a culture of wellness to advance their own health and that of their neighbors. The effort has created significant  improvement in certain social determinates of health,  reduction in costs of care for engaged county residents and improved the status of living in that community."  Dr. Robert Gillio Huntingdon, PA

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