Get Outside and MOVE, LEARN and EARN with Force for HealthGO®

Earn Points while Activating Augmented Reality Based Forcefields throughout your Community & HotSpots for Rewards and Prizes

The Force for Health®GO App is part of the Force for Health® Network  where everything you do earns points and real world rewards. 

Force for HealthGO® is the only image and location based augmented reality viewer in a single app where you learn from your actions and also raise awareness and funds that can change the world.  

Download our Free App to MOVE, LEARN, SERVE & EARN with Force for HealthGO

Challenges kicking off in select communities Spring 2023

It allows you to enhance your experience with the world by making images or objects come alive with multimedia experiences we call Force Fields. When you find these places or images, they jump onto your smart device.    

As you move through the world, playing, walking, and learning, you will be earning.   When you activate yourself and your community, your actions can lead to improving the real world where you live helping yourself and your neighbors.  

Be the Force for Health you were meant to be.

Play the Force for Health®GO to move, learn & earn as you find & activate ForceFields across the globe, earning points that will turn into discounts, cool prizes and leaderboard recognition. 

The Force for Health®GO app is for players 13 and older.  Play as an individual or team up with a group or organization, and help make your community one of top Force for Health® communities in the world.  The more you and your community move, learn, and earn, the more chances you and/or your community will be chosen for top rewards.

The Force for Health®GO app in part of the Force for Health® Community Toolkit Series, and is developed, owned and operated by My Healthy Globe, Inc.  

If you would like to develop a custom MOVE, LEARN, SHARE and EARN app in your community, please contact [email protected] and we will be in touch.


Use the Force for HealthGO® App to Unlock Hotspots on our Featured Posters and Other Items

One of the challenges with printed material is that it is single dimensional, serving only one language at a time…until now.

With the Force for HealthGO Augmented Reality App, printed objects and images can come to life, like this COVID Poster from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. 

Once, you’ve downloaded the app, sign in, choose Healthy Posters, point your phone at the image and click start.

You will see 6 languages of the World Health Organization COVID Video appear.  Check it out!

Never underestimate the Power of $1 Bill

Did you Know that $1 of Prevention will return $6 of Savings to Healthcare Leaders?

Can you keep a dollar bill with you all the time as a reminder of this?

Every month the Force for Health® will augment the US Dollar Bill with a different HotSPOT Challenge to discover, activate and earn points.

Players will be eligible for weekly giveaways and prizes. Download the app and start playing today.

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