The Force for Health Academy

The Force for Health Academy includes unique access to state of the art innovative educational tools that helps take health science learning to the next level. 

Check out this interactive 3-D Force for Health® Human, where you can explore the inside of your heart, blood and cardiovascular system in 3-D!

Use the three small dots to your bottom right to open up interactive tools to rotate, zoom, dissect and identify all the parts of our bodies that help us pump blood to our entire systems for life!

Sample Health BASICS Courses

Health Basics is one example of the free course available for all Force for Health® BASICS Membership

All Membership Levels include access to over 100 VIVA Videos

VIVA initially was created to train aboriginal Australians with low reading and health literacy, to understand conditions that may be affecting them or their families.  The name is an acronym that means Virtual Interactive Video Anatomy.  It  is also named for Viva Gillio, who a a 94 year old health ambassador for her family members and senior citizen  neighbors.

Ambassador Level Access

Community Health Worker is one example of one of the types of courses available for all Force for Health® AMBASSADOR Membership

LIVE Intern Community Learning Experience Projects

The Force for Health® specializes in offering a real-world community learning impact experience for anybody looking to sharpen their workforce readiness by testing their communications, organizational, digital media and leadership skills in 10, 20 and 32 week projects.

Example 1:

Juniata College students work closely with JC Blair memorial Hospital to launch the first Force for Health® System in the Country, setting foundation for expansion into 5 states in Year 2.

Case 2:

Juniata College Interns created animated videos about the social determinants of health helping to build out state certified courses for Community Health Workers for the CHANGE Foundation

Case 3:

Juniata College Interns creating animated videos about African American History for a nationally reknown subject matter expert, Dr. Arthur James

Case 4:

University of Arizona Eller School students created a 58 pg digital e-magazine designed to empower girls over a 10 week long project

Case 5:

Penn State Interns created a First Responder's Fitness & Knowledge Challenge

2020-2021 Intern Opportunities

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