Custom AR & VR Experience Development


Custom AR, VR & POI Experiences

The Force for Health® Technology & Advisory Services includes a strategic alliance with Spinar America, where we build custom AR and VR apps for key stakeholders looking for solutions to impact population health issues in their own backyard.  Here are a few examples of our work.

Augmented Reality is a technology that allows the superimposition of information on top of the real world. Its value, however, is to inform and engage your customers or users. It provides additional information about your product or environment and its value. It empowers you and them. It enables new ways of thinking, interacting, and communicating with your customers and your environment.

Virtual Reality is a totally immersive experience that provides marketers the opportunity to control an environment and mindset of the user. in most cases Virtual Reality works best in a locational setting where access to a computer and supporting team are available. Virtual Reality delivers ‘experiential’ happenings, feelings and events.

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Points of Interest - Easily locate business and interest sites around you. this technology is used for several sectors, such as: tourism, commerce, dinning, wi-fi hotspots, etc.


My Healthy Globe, Inc. produces and distributes custom AR, VR and POI user experiences through our exclusive strategic partner, Spinar America, an industry leader with Fortune 50 clients such as Pespi, Time Warner, Ford and Toyota, to name a few.

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