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It feels good to be part of the team and know that you did what you could to help someone.  In this case, we are trying to stop and infection that is hurting and killing people. 

Be proud that you are using your STEAM knowledge to do good when we needed help. 


External Rewards are what you earn in grades, badges or points.

Check out  your dashboard as you earn points for everything you do in these courses.

My Points and Dashboard (link)

Summary and encouragement to support other peoples causes that compliment yours. 

Using my points to help others

We will be adding competitions and causes to help you use your points and sponsor dollars to support causes.  

You learn. You earn  You Live. You Give!

Cash in my points at the Force for Health Shop

Go to www.theforceforhealth.shop to cash in your points for discounts on gear for you and you family.  You earned it!

The Force for Health® CitizenShop

Healthy Fund Raisers to Support

Submit a cause that needs help and we will try to find others to help you.

Get the apps or links for more points

We will links here shortly.