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CV19 101 – Protecting My Friends and Neighbors

One of the major things about helping friends and neighbors is making sure they have the basics covered. It’s hard to thrive if you are struggling to stay alive financially, are without transportation, housing, food or medicine.  Many can’t take this course because they don’t have the internet.  These are called social determinants of health and these may affect over half the causes of illness.  Here is a set of short videos to explain these. Let’s go through these and then you are ready for a challenge.

Now that you have a better understanding,  we will focus this next area about communication and provide you with useful resources for COVID-19 and also show an example of how to step up for your community.  This was an I.D.E.A.S. project where teens with social entrepreneurism Identified the communications issue, Designed a solution, Enacted that solution, are Assessing the outcomes, and will Share what worked.  Let us know your thoughts. It is part of us figuring out if this IDEA is worth the effort or if we should do something else.