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Support it: Encourage your family members.. Help solve issues on your own or with your family team especially if socially distancing. 

Use your STEAM Tech skills to teach them communications tools or how to get news or information from the internet.

This is a war and you are recruited to be not the Army, Air Force or Marines… but to BE A FORCE FOR HEALTH.   DO what they are trained to do

improvise, adapt and overcome

Use your engineering concepts and skills to defeat obstacles to your Healthy Zone. 

How do you think about solving a problem?  We recommend Dr. Gina Weisblat’s validated I.D.E.A.S approach. 

I: Identify the problem

D: Design a solution you can do alone or recruit the help and resources you need

E: Enact that solution and engage with those that have the problem

A: Assess how it is working and if not, adapt, improvise, and overcome using this same approach basedon what you are learning as it goes along

S: Share what you have learned so others can benefit.