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    Female Reproductive System

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    First Aid

    Very basic first aid, written with Olivia Marker.
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    Fitness 101

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    Getting Started as a Member

    This course is designed to guide you through the member experience. Upon completion, you will become more familiar with the Force for Health and its resources! This challenge is worth 100 points.
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    Getting Started as an Ambassador

    Learn about what it means to be a Force for Health Ambassador and what the benefits are!

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    Hope Buffalo – Digitizing Assets for Greater Impacts – 2020 Youth Leadership Project

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 Youth Project TEAM Journey for Hope Buffalo.  This journey challenge is designed to support participants in the Greater Buffalo region to create greater outcomes through connections, digitization and gamification, starting with the Referral Guide

    We are actively recruiting for the 2021 Season.

    We are recruiting a TEAM of 10-25 youths, coaches and volunteers interested in:

    • Self Health
    • Community Outreach
    • Digital Media
    • Population Health
    • Technology & Media
    • Social Determinants of Health Disparities
    • Civic Engagement
    • Internships
    • Mentoring
    • Self - Development

    This Hope Buffalo TEAM will be 25 Ambassadors with FULL ACCESS to all STEAM² TEAM Tools to help shape their TEAM IDEAS Project & Campaign to compete in the first VIP Community LEAGUES, representing the Greater Buffalo Region.

    Community TEAM Activation Features include:

    • 10 TEAM T-Shirts
    • 25 Ambassador Club Licenses
    • 100 Organization Activations in Custom Chamber of Health System for Greater Buffalo
    • 100 Halo-Life Masks to donate
    • 1000 360° Human Explorer Licenses
    • Full Service Chamber of Health® System, supporting 100 community partners
    • Virtual Community Collaboration Rooms
    • Custom One-Click Fundraising Store
    • Coach & Leader Support
    If you are interested, please join our community at

    Pre-Season Kick Off - December 3, 2020

    Active Season - January 8 - May 30, 2020

    Awards & Recognition - June/July

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    IDEAS Challenge powered by HPAC

    Health Professions Affinity Community (HPAC) introduces students to health related careers while empowering them to address their community’s most pressing health disparities. Build safe-sharing networks…
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    Immune System

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    Instructor BASICS – How to Write a Course in LearnDash

    In this course, Instructors will learn the basics skills required to create an on-line course for distribution within the Force for Health® Network. After the…
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    Kidneys and Urinary System

  • 1 LEARN It! Challenge

    Male Reproductive System

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    Marstronaut STEAM TEAM

    Mars…the red planet, our nearest neighbor beyond the moon, and our next human exploration destination

    Introducing the Marstronaut…the astronaut profession for scientists and explorers of the planet Mars and beyond . JOIN THE STEAM TEAM of Students Taking Extraordinary Actions and Measures using their Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math skills to make Earth better and to begin to train for the Mars astronaut team. It is possible it could include you.

    These are resilient problem solvers and team members, that will be able to represent the best of humanity with getting along, and quality work in communications, the humanities and sciences.

     Begin your “Pathways to Professional” exploration and service to humankind.

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    Medical Terminology: Basic Introduction

    By Toni Bucynski and the Force for Health team lead by Intern Salimatou Bah, and Dr. Robert Gillio
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    Mouth and Teeth

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    My Cardio Girl Challenge Course

    Welcome to My Cardio Girl Challenge!!! Know it Move it Share it checkEarn it
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    Nutrition Ambassador

    Nutrition This course is focused on improving the long-term health of  individuals through healthy food choices.