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“If a child can not learn the way we teach, I think we should try to teach the way they learn.” 

– Joshua Williams Jr., Author

Joshua Williams Jr. is an inspiring author, inspirational personality, S.T.E.A.M. educator, and someone who thrives off of helping people achieve goals by LEARNING, LIVING, and SHARING.

This book and training journey looks into how STEM/STEAM is slowly taking over the world. Our STEAM curriculum teaches transferable skills to young people, which they can utilize in workplaces and everyday life. It teaches them critical thinking, problem-solving, better teamwork, improves communication skills, etc. It is evident how the importance of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics runs the world, and every invention in the 21st century is completed through these subjects. STEAM trains students through hands-on learning, which encourages creativity and envisioning. STEAM graduates are much likely to earn more as compared to their non-STEAM counterparts.

By studying STEAM, you become confident and resilient. It pushes you to accept your failures and understand your mistakes to improve your academic performance. However, due to general stereotypes about this curriculum, people shy away from it.

The inspiration for writing this book is to give young people and adults an opportunity to empower themselves through STEAM. This book will remind you to ‘always try’ and why magic only happens when you take the first step and leave your comfort zone behind. My goal is to provide you hope and realize your true potential, and venture into the world of STEAM. I hope this book assists you in transforming into the person you were destined to be!  Because You Do Matter!

If you are interested in training to be a STEAM Team Leader, sharpen your digital media skills and even earn some commissions by learning how to host a You Do Matter STEAM Team in your community, then join this leadership group, challenge and community.

Courses launching in January 2022!

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