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    Sistema Respiratorio 360° de Fuerza por la Salud Humana &#8211

    ¿Qué tan bien conoce sus pulmones? Explore 46 Datos y Afecciones de su Sistema Respiratorio.
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    Skin, Hair and Nails

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    Social Determinants of Health

    Written with Olivia Marker.
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    STEAM³ TEAM IDEAS Challenge powered by HPAC

    Health Professions Affinity Community (HPAC) introduces students to health related careers while empowering them to address their community’s most pressing health disparities. Build safe-sharing networks…
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    The Force for Health® Community Director Training

    This course is designed for The Force for Health® Community Directors to learn how to use the basic features of the SMARTChamber of Health® system, which…
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    Understanding Opioids

    This course will build upon the “Exploring the Opioid Epidemic” course to provide a more in-depth look at how to handle opioids responsibly. In addition,…
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    VIVA – Blood, Heart & Lungs

    The blood carries the oxygen as it flows through the body. It gets it in the lungs and shares it with cells in the body.…
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    VIVA – Digestive System

    It is a long tube that inspired the invention of the assembly line. Take a journey from the mouth the exit at the other end…
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    VIVA – Ear, Nose and Throat

    These short 3 minute videos give an overview of the sensory organs for hearing, taste, and smell. Watch these to appreciate how they all fit…
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    VIVA – Endocrine System

    Chemical messengers are sent through the body from one type of cell to another, via the bloodstream, to give permissions, change processes, or warn of…
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    VIVA – Excretory System

    Chemicals in what we eat and drink, and byproducts of digestion of food, can sometimes be toxic. The kidneys act like a thermostat and if…
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    VIVA – Female Reproductive System

    This system has several complex hormonal and anatomical functions. One of them is controlling the cycle of getting the uterus ready to house a baby…
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    VIVA – Let’s Get Cellular

    We are a body made of billions of cells. Here is a brief overview of how a cell works.
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    VIVA – Risky Behaviors

    The decisions we make can affect our future health. Take 3 minutes to understand and visualize better each of these risky behaviors and consider making…
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    VIVA – The Brain

    This is where we think and mentally exist. Take 3 minutes for each of the two videos and use your brain to better understand the…
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    VIVA – Video Challenge Journey

    VIVA initially was created to train aboriginal Australians with low reading and health literacy, to understand conditions that may be affecting them or their families.  The name is an acronym that means Virtual Interactive Video Anatomy. It is also named for Viva Gillio, who a a 96 year old health ambassador for her family members and senior citizen  neighbors, who also happens to be the beloved mom of the Force for Health founder, Dr. Robert Gillio. Each VIVA video is less than 4 minutes each and packed full of great health content that will help you better understand how the body works. This is part of the Force for Health® BASICS Challenge, where you can earn points, badges and discounts upon completing each video, so what are you waiting for? Let's take the VIVA Challenge!

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    You the Citizen

    A Republic, if you will keep it…