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info September 2, 2019

HPAC Mission: Advancing the health and success of students and their communities through mutual learning and engagement enriched by health professions education, workforce, and community partnerships.

HPAC Vision: To become a nationwide network of communities partnering with health professions students to promote health and wellness with local resources.

The Health Professions Affinity Community (HPAC) is a newly designed pipeline program to engage students and advance their academic and career progress toward health professions. The program relies on existing community assets and bundling them in a manner that further supports student success. Students from varied circumstances can benefit from opportunities to apply academic learning in real-world circumstances and from learning how to employ existing and at times hidden personal and community resources to improve their community. The goals, strategies, and methods reflected in the HPAC program are consistent with finding ways to better meet the vast needs of the region, of finding and supporting qualified “Ohio” grown students from diverse backgrounds desiring to enter health professions. The key principle of the program is that students increase their academic scholarship, understand the value of research, further engage in the community, and become well prepared young adults who are able to achieve a level of preparation compatible with their health career aspirations.

Throughout the HPAC process, the goal is for your students to prepare a project that will be presented at Scholar’s Day in April. The project is one that helps improve or makes a positive difference in the health of a community.