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Now what?

info September 2, 2019

Now you have students who are just as committed as you are and who are excited to start the HPAC process, but how? Below are SUGGESTED timelines. All of us work in different organizations with different schedules. YOU CAN START an HPAC ANY TIME of the year. Some of us meet daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc. Use what works best for you and your students. After the timelines, I will provide a more detailed description of the topics, subtopics, and resources.

YEAR LONG PLAN (30-36 weeks)

SEMESTER PLAN (12-16) weeks

QUARTER PLAN (8-9 weeks)

Because you may start the HPAC process at any time during the year, you may or may not complete all steps of the process. That is OK!! It is a process and it takes time. Some groups may need more team building time than others or more research time than others. It is OK!! The goal is to learn, have fun, and make a difference. The process can continue into the next year.Celebrate what HAS been accomplished at Scholar’s Day in April.