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How to Get Started

info September 2, 2019

Now that you have learned about HPAC’s vision and mission and how this organization is linked to a variety of standards, it is time to get started.

1. Research HPAC’s website and network with HPAC Specialists, members, and Dr. Gina Weisblat at (330)325-6766 or gweisblat@neomed.edu

2. Identify and determine your assets. The following may assist you:

a. Your teaching interests and philosophy (how can this connect to HPAC).

b. What kinds of things appeal to kids of different ages at your location?
c. What are the community challenges related to health?
d. Types of experiences you wish the students to have.

e. Time, type of space, and materials needed for any given activity.

f. The number of students.
g. The pre-existing assets.

3. Identify willing and committed HPAC Advisor(s).

4. Determine the support of your faculty, administrators, and parents.

5. Determine needs and resources of your school.

6. Present “What is HPAC?” to the school staff and supporting stakeholders.

7. Present “What is HPAC?” to the parents/students. Your school counselor and principal would be great assets during this time. This presentation could be in the format of PowerPoint, Google Slides, student created website, video, brochure, or announcements. It could be uploaded to the school website, presented during open house, science awareness nights, Freshmen orientation,etc. It is helpful to ask current HPAC students to make this presentation or “spread the word”since students usually listen to students. Furthermore, it is important to advertise HPAC by possibly using the following: flyers, posters, set up booths at Open House, Freshmen orientation, the school counselors’ office, or lunch room.

8. Invite students to join HPAC. This could be done at the end of your presentation. I recommend keeping the invitation open for about two weeks with reminders throughout using tools such as school announcements, newsletters, posters around the building, twitter feeds, or website announcements.

9. Have an informal meeting with interested students to further discuss HPAC, answer any questions, and complete the HPAC membership/consent/application.