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HPAC Advisor’s Personal Story

info September 2, 2019

I know this may be an overwhelming feeling getting started with a new extracurricular activity. Believe me, when I was approached about starting an HPAC group I felt overwhelmed. It was not until the students arrived, showed incredible interest in helping others, and began attending meetings did my feelings subside. The students made it all worthwhile! They were and still are my inspiration to continue moving forward with HPAC.

Some questions that I found helpful to keep in mind throughout the process were:

  • What are the students’ interests?
  • What health issues are present in our community? in their lives?
  • What is your students’ community?
  • What volunteer/internship opportunities are the students involved in? or could be?
  • What do the students want to do?
  • What are your resources?
  • Who can help?
  • How does your group want to change the world?

The wonderful thing about the HPAC program, it is STUDENT-DRIVEN!!!