Civic & Public Health Leaders Are a Force for Health

Invitation to Activate...

Civic and pubic health leaders MUST understand their critical role in supporting happier and healthier citizens and constantly evaluate how to deliver and maintain quality care alongside a healthy bottom line.

And the Force for Health® would like to help.

The sooner we can support the individuals and families in making better decisions to stay well, be safe, and be kind, the faster we will recover and transition from the impacts of COVID

– Dr. Robert Gillio, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder, The Force for Health® Network

Are you ready to discuss how to ACTIVATE your COMMUNITY or REGION
as a Force for Health® Community?

Top Reasons Why Civic and Public Health Leaders Should Activate into the Force for Health® Network

Public Health

  • Enhance your COVID spread prevention and vaccination efforts with COVID Force Tools.  The Force for Health Network provides a technology, content and engagement for such an effort
  • Support grassroots engagement towards infection prevention, vaccination hesitancy, and  COVID recovery.  
  • Create informed citizens to help enhance their knowledge, and use their social media and outreach skills to help recruit and facilitate proper precautions and also vaccination administration.  This will lead to healthier and happier citizens


  • Enrich, amplify or start a local Youth Advisory Council and easily support, guide and track their efforts through our community activation tools
  • Engage staff with STEAM-based, student led projects and community oriented project based learning
  • Instantly address the digital divide and underwrite a custom, local Team Up! Magazine that promotes health, highlights your community assets and impact makers that would be distributed to 100% of the k-12 family households in your area

Economic Support

  • Showcase your region in the network as a community that cares about health, education, workforce and equity that seek employers who care about the same
  • Create jobs with local paid leadership of the Force for Health Network Chapters locally
  • Create a regional destination to visit with the Force for Health GO augmented reality app
    Infrastructure Support
  • Partner with local CTC and workforce development agencies to increase health and wealth literacy levels for everybody, equally and now

Front Line Support

  • Education about PPE and Chamber of Health portal to help organize sharing of supplies and training in their use
  • Celebration of local hometown heroes in FFH Network content and games
  • Help amplify their message to the public to stay well and be safe.  
  • Support your front line staff with enhanced wellness tools for their mind, body, spirit


  • It provides guidance for projects to train and plan to actually engage and visit with, write to, and email with seniors.
  • Technology support for telehealth visits 
  • Tech training to support activation,  onboarding and engagement
  • Participate in a SeniorFORCE  
  • Provides access to remote social and volunteer activities

Mental Health

  • The Force for Health provides significant training to teens through seniors on stress versus distress and when and how to seek mental health care.
  • Supports Community Health Workers with mental health specialty
  • Directory of community services and partners with the Chamber of Health 

Parks & Recreation

  • Activate your Parks and Recreational centers into a Force for HealthGO Virtual Scavenger Hunt, using our content or yours
  • Motivate your citizens to get out and explore your parks, centers and other unique points of interest in this fun, MOVE, LEARN, SERVE & EARN Challenge
  • Challenge local schools, non-profit groups and businesses to engage and compete for prizes and recognition by hosting our VIP LEAGUES and Reality Health Games in your community

Diversity & Equity

  • Address the social determinants as a team, leader and  community educator about real barriers in your own community
  • Prioritize this area as a pillar of strength and promote diversity and equity for all
  • Use the tools to host Learn It! and Live It! Challenges that address those previously disinvested communities that need help 
  • Compete locally, regionally, nationally and globally in our healthy, hybrid virtual community challenges and showcase your top teams and initiatives

Safety & Violence Prevention

  • The Force for Health focuses on gratitude, fortitude and servitude as key pillars in our Force for Kindness efforts
  • Addressing critical life skills to respond, cope, communicate and deescalate, while navigating all types of disagreements and conflicts will help reduce violence incidents
  • The more individuals recognize that there are free and low cost support and tools to help, the more they can mold into the healthier and more accountable force for health citizens they can be

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