Resiliency BASICS that EveryBody Should Know to be Best Prepared to Respond When Needed

Let's face it...The world can prove to be a dangerous place...
from natural disasters; domestic and international terrorism; rising mental health crisis with violence; and even war.

These "disasters" can happen a school, a movie theatre, while at home, vacationing in a distant land, or defending your own homeland.

The bottom-line…you should be prepared to know what to do because sometimes,  you will need to become the first responder.  Would you know what to do if found in a active, real-life situation? 

Here are 8 tips to sharpen your readiness skills, provided by Dr. Robert Gillio, a veteran of 911, Hurricane Katrina, Boston Marathon bombing, and School Shooting response, recovery, and lessons learned reports.

Other Experts will be contributing as demand for their subject matter expertise is needed.

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